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Hey people, so today i received all my new components as ive just built my first PC. I wasnt expecting it to go all ok but not as much trouble as im having.

Ok so my build is:
intel i5 760 cpu
radeon hd 5770
cool master650watt psu
4gb ddr 1666mhz ram
Asus p7p55d-e

So when i first started it up i had a red light on my cpu so took a look and forgot to connect a 4 pin to the cpu, job done.

Started it up again, power lasted about 2 seconds cut out, it rebooted and then all hell broke lose.

Now i have a red light on vga and my ram has a red light.

It kept beeping to.

I left it to run for another minute and power cut out once more.

Now i dont have a clue, even the screens wont turn on.

(Quick question to anyone who knows about this motherboard. Does it pick the graphcis card straight away because theres no where on the board to plug in your monitors?)

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  1. OK, to answer your last question yes, the mobo will automatically pick up on your video card as long as it's all the way in the correct slot. Secondly, what is the brand, model # of your memory? Need to check it on the compatibility lists. Lastly, follow the link under by CPU-Z banner and run through the checklist carefully. What is the beeping pattern? The beep code usually tells you what the most likely problem is, or at least where to start. I'm guessing you have 2 X 2 GB sticks of memory? Which slots do you have them in? Check your motherboard manual memory specs and make sure they're in the right slots.
  2. The monitors plug into the DVI port on the video card. Any (good) LCD monitor has a VGA & a DVI input on it. You may need a DVI-to-VGA adapter, or a DVI-to_DVI cable to plu in the monitor otherwise. Is that what you ask?

    Did you plug in the PCI-e power to the video card, inside the case?
  3. Did you remember to plug in the 6 pin power connector to the video card? Might not be a very dependable power supply either.
  4. Fixed. Turns out i had forgot to coonect a 4 pin to the cpu and it turns out that the graphics cards works from the start so you dont have to to disable onboard graphics. Seems it doesnt have inboard graphics.
  5. I'm glad you followed the link to the trouble shooting steps and found the problem.
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