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I recently bought a new Amd athlon II x4 3.0ghz cpu to replace my amd atlon II x2 2.9ghz. It's not like I really needed it, but had the money, and my motherboard supported it. I put it on easily, but decided to go back and use a qtip to dust under where the cpu was. I did this about 12 hours after putting in on. When I took it back off some of the thermal paste that was pre-applied is on the processor and the rest on the heatsink and fan. I just stuck heatsink and fan back on it. Is this unevenness going to cause a problem, like bubbles or gaps between the paste? I know this may sound like nothing but I didn't want this to cause a major problem. Am I fine or in deep water?
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  1. YOu probably would get away with it, but generaly its good practice when you remove a cooler to clean all the thermal paste of it, and then re-apply a good qaulity paste something like arctic silver or MX5 compound would do. Or even better go and buy an after market cooler with paste pre-applied even one of these(Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler) which are very cheap would be better than using the AMD stock cooler.
  2. Quote:

    thank you for link
    i saved as a favorite
    next time i buy paste
    I will use this one

    Though one question
    what is your emotional hatred over AS5? LOL
    Did it do something to you?
    Is the Wrath of Pscho's Vengeance Unleashed upon this Poor Potion?
    I am just having fun so dont get mad :D
  3. As5 Is not terrible what do you get a 1 or 2 degree drop with the tuniq stuff?
  4. whats the name of the thermal paste that comes with the Corsair H50, and H70 coolers?
  5. Quote:

    Wonder if I could put that on my Dell Optiplex 745 <maniacal mad scientist laughter>
  6. then silicon glue 4 of them together to make a quad core with Hyper Threading
    and I also heard that the P4 3.4 EE hit 9ghz on nitro
  7. so....I'll assume no one knows then -_-
  8. christop said:
    As5 Is not terrible what do you get a 1 or 2 degree drop with the tuniq stuff?

    Most important. It doesn't conduct electricity.
  9. I heard the paste on the h70 and 50 coolers were shin etsu...but I wanted to be sure..this mx4 you speak that actually the best? Perhaps I should switch to that
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