Phenom 9100e Clock Multiplier 4.5??

I have a Gateway DX 4200, with a Phenom 9100e processor. It seems to run games (especially CPU intensive games) a bit slower than it should, so I started looking to upgrade the processor. I downloaded CPUZ, and it tells me I'm actually running at 900 MHz, not the advertised 1.8 GHz, and the clock multiplier is 4.5, not 9. The Tom's Hardware review and the manufacturer's info say it should be running at 1.8, when I start it up it tells me it's running 1.8, and on the front of the computer it says, guess what, 1.8...

The picture from the review of the CPUZ screen clearly shows 1800 MHz and a clock multiplier of 9 while mine says 900 and 4.5. Any thoughts on what gives? If I can avoid upgrading the CPU because of some bottleneck I can turn off, I'd love that!,1935-2.html
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  1. Answered my own question! It seems that when the cpu is idle, it steps down automatically, maybe a power-saving thing?

    As the Church Lady would say, "Nevermind" :whistle:
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