sound card and onboard audio,both enabled question

When I built my 2500k system I decided not to use my 5 year old Creative Extreme Music card.Figure its 2011 and this new
Asus p8p67 Pro uses ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio,nice connections,why not use it.
Well after configurating it to 5.1 surround to use with my headset and playing some games.I noticed it was inferior to my 5yr old card.It sounds good,but for gaming with a headset Creative wins.I do like the connections though and I use the optical out to my home theatre for entertainment.So my question is can I have the best of both worlds.Can I,with a few clicks of a mouse,just select through "Windows 7 64bit"when to use Creative and when to use the onboard?
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  1. Yes afaik if you select the primary audio device then its doesn't need a reboot to take effect.
  2. GTX 570
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    i do the same with my system (Win7 Ult)
    start-control panel-sound settings
    I just made the sound panel a shortcut on my desktop
    I switch between my onboard and soundcard all the time
    so i can use three different line/mic inputs for recording
    no rebooting necessary
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  5. Dadiggle buddy o' mine
    I dont doubt your technical knowledge
    You usually know your sh*t
    BUT you got to read peoples posts
    He prefers the sound from soundcard for his headphones
    Audio listening is really a personal experience unique to an individual
    People all have different hearing (possible hearing loss in hi or low range or young people hear higher freqs better etc) so
    it is hard to benchmark or use specs for audio
    I sold home theaters for over ten years (1997-2008)
    and learned that just because it was the best spec'd out system
    didnt mean that somebody might not buy a lower end model
    because to them it sounded better
    You are able to measure THD and SPL but in the end it
    is personal preference based on what sounds good to
    that person.
    For example in car audio Sony Xplodes were the hottest
    thing because for a cheaper speaker they hit the lowend
    hard (sucked on mids) and looked good so all the Fast and Furious crowd
    loved them
  6. thank you for selecting me as best answer
    I appreciate it very much :)
  7. Hey Dadiggle and king SMP,thanks for replying.
    So if I connect the HDMI cable from the GTX 570 to a 5.1 reciever,will it process just the gaming sound or all windows sound.If so thats great,all I have to do is buy a new reciever as mine doesnt have HDMI.Its an old Denon AVR-3803.
    Also if I go that route I can no longer play games while my wife watches the tv and uses the system right?Or can new recievers process 2 inputs at the same time and allow for me to use my head set without silencing the TV.
  8. 1) all sound will come out of GPU HDMI
    2) will not be able to have sound while wife uses system
    well let me say I have been out of home theater for a few years
    but last i heard only one source to output at a time
    I could be wrong
    Newegg has a 48 hour weekend sale
    Yamaha 7.1 with 4 hdmi in and one out
    for 299 USD normally 429 USD
    I posted in another soundcard thread today with the discount promo
    let me know if you need it
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