Update of the Best Gaming cases.

hello. I'm deciding what PC case i should get for my next build.
now me personally, believe that a PC case is one of the most Important decision you can make- Yes a PC case may not directly increase system performance, but what it does is limit potential system performance of you Overlocking ability, and as well as that, you are permanently with your pc while it's on, so you better not be annoyed by the sound of your pc, and also, if your like me, i see my PC more then my Girlfriend so it MUST look good and don't forget case is the pivot point of how your components are held, and how many components you can hold. A Case is one of the most important parts of ANY build, that's why i am building a list of RECENT PC case that you should consider:

1)The Best case for a Budget:

the Xigamatek UTGuard

it's the best Budget case since it's stylish, has water-cooling capabilities, has built on fan controller, is well made, not partially the most quite, but it's certainly cheap can comes with a lot of fans.

2)Highest performance

now I'm not sure if it's the best performing case, but everybody love em',

the Haf X

- really looking at the cese is pretty self explanatory how awesome it is.

3)most appealing (more of a personal thing really)

the Bit Fenix Survivor
- man this case looks awesome, it's not too Rugged looking, or does it have any cheap shiny plastic parts- to bad it's made like an oven (Blast you Bitfenix Person!!)

4)Best Compatibility (with an included affordability)

Bit fenix Survivor
and the ThermalTake Armour a60

these cases have both USB 3.0 which makes them the best for compatibility for the future.
and the A60 has water cooling compatibility - while the Survivor has the best I/O.

5) the best BigBill
the most expensive and wacky case ever goes to:

silverstone raven rv01

(man, it feels like the bafta's)
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  1. Corsair obsidian 800D is a way better case than the Haf-x imo.
  2. I don't like any of the Haf cases. I think they all look a bit naff, and they also have pretty standard and boring cooling features. There are some amazing Corsair and Lian Li cases that have awesome cooling options like fans going across the hard drives and out the side so the hot air isn't pushed into your graphics cards like most cases.

    ThermalTake are also pretty cheaply made. They feel tiny and have sooo much plastic on them to have these interesting shapes.

    I'd love a Obsidian 800D as christop suggested, but I'm looking at this puppy for my next build:

    Fractal Design Define XL
  3. Silverstone RV02 and FT02.

    They cool better than any of those cases, are quieter than most, are built much better, and look very good. They are the ultimate air cooling cases.
  4. Lian Li A70F or the PC-7FN --- very good quality and efficiency
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