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HP Pavilion a6010n pc with P5LP-LE motherboard


A friend just gave me her 3 year old HP Pavilion a6010n PC with P5LP-LE motherboard. I am trying to beef it up with more RAM, a new PSU (HP only supplies 250 watts), and a mid-range graphics card. The motherboard supports a PCI-E x16 slot GPU. It currently has on-board Intel graphics. I researched and found out that I can get a 2.0 version as it is backward compatible with the 1.0 version.

I want to fix this computer up to give to another friend who just had her PC go south after 5 years of excellent performance. She is heavy into video and photography and this is just a stop gap until she can afford a brand new state of the art computer in January. The case is a mid-size ATX, so I am guessing that I am limited in what PSU will fit and provide me 600 watts, or thereabouts. Any suggestions for a PSU that will fit in this case would be greatly appreciated.

What mid-range graphics card would you suggest considering the motherboard and size of the case? Keep in mind that I am only upgrading this to meet the needs of my friend who needs a working computer that can handle video processing. I don't want to invest too much money as I have just recently purchased an expensive computer for myself and so I am limited in spare change. I have already paid $40 for 1GB ram and $100 to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. I am hoping to keep the PSU and GPU under $200 total.

Thank you for any suggestions and advise you can give me.

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    No need for anything bigger based on the described use, combined price less than $90 after MIR.
  2. Thank you so much. This really fits the bill and I like the cost savings.
  3. I went ahead and purchased the Corsair PSU, but I bought the Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 1G instead of the 4670. It was on sale and with rebate the final cost will be just under $74. It's suppose to run cool and quiet, which made me think it was worth the extra $15.

    Thank you Rolli59 for the great advice.
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