I have an ACER ASPIRE T180 on Windows 7 ULTIMATE.

Spec :

Problems booting up are:

No light on the front power button,
Red Hard-drive light comes on,
CD drive functions (can still open and close tray),
CPU fan does not spin on startup,
Can hear no noise from the motherboard on boot but i do not have SPK attached,
I have changed the PSU but the same problem occurs, ive also stripped the tower down cleaned all compontents/fans with a

clean cloth,taken additional RAM i have bought out but still i get NO INPUT SIGNAL DETECTED and CHECK SIGNAL CABLE on my


I recently installed an additional graphics card, and in the BIOS settings i may of changed the primary device to the PCI EXPRESS

slot instead of the PCI slot where i have installed the new graphics card.

I now have two screens using both on-board graphics and PCI graphics connected and it still proceeds to show no signal, ive

tried a CMOS reset but i am not sure i have done it right, i have changed over jumpers with all wires unplugged and booted

system its self and also left the CMOS battery out the board but still no luck.

All help appreciated.

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  1. nvidia chipset....

    use one stick of ram (original/low spec if posible), reset cmos, use with onboard video and remove all other unneeded (card readers, hdd's, dvdrw's etc) items and see if it posts, if not then logically its the motherboard (or a 1% chance its the cpu - RARE)
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