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Upgrade on Sony Vaio

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-270P. I am currently running XP Pro SP2, and am wanting to upgrade to the Windows 7 RC. Here are my specs:

Pentium M 745 - 1.8Ghz
2 GB Ram
64 mb video card
80 GB 5400 rpm HD

Will i be able to run windows 7 on this laptop? I ran the upgrade advisor for both vista and 7, and they said i could upgrade but aero wouldn't function, which i'm ok with. I just wanted some community input if you think it will work! Thanks!!

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    The VGN-270P appears to be a pre-Vista release. It is old, non driver supported hardare that gives Vista, or Windows 7 in this case, problems. Things like your sound, ethernet, wireless and possibly other driver dependent hardwaqre components may not cooperate with W7. I have a similiar old Intel Pentium M notebook and I will leave XP on there, the thing is so slow. But on the other hand, I have an ancient socket 939 system running Windows 7 64 and did not have to instal a single system driver! I would think the notebook you have would run like a snail even with XP. Much less Windows 7. Back up with Acronis True Image and go for it!
  2. Thanks for the reply Badge! It's funny because i do a clean re-format every year or so to clean off all the junk, and it is running surprisingly fast. I actually have the Adobe CS4 suite on it, and it seems to run fine! So i think i will give it a shot with windows 7, and keep you posted. Thanks!
  3. If it gives you any encouragement, last week I installed Windows 7 64 on this:

    AMD 64 4000+ San Diego single core
    Mach Speed socket 939 MB NF4
    OCZ DDR 400 2 x 1 GB
    550w PSU

    Never laoded a single system driver! Windows 7 had drivers built in to run all the hardware which I found amazing.
  4. wow! that is amazing! going to try to upgrade from windows 3.1 next :)
  5. zm15 said:
    wow! that is amazing! going to try to upgrade from windows 3.1 next :)

    I didn't realise that you have upgraded from MS-Dox 4.01 !
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