Best sports car for the money.

I'm currently looking for a new car (sports car) for the upcoming May 2013. Better to start earlier :D. As of now I looked at loads of cars ranging from toyota to chevy but one car captured my eye in particular. The Mazdaspeed3. That car has the power and the versitility that I was looking for. I compared the MS3 with VW's GTI and some other cars but I just kept swaying towards the MS3.

Is there any other cars like the MS3 in comparison?

I currently drive a 04'Nissan Murano. I like the Murano beacuse of the sport option. I mainly use that half the time i'm on the road. I know that the Murano is a crossover and should not be used as a sports car but I like that boost of speed, even if it isn't' a lot.

Thank You.
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  1. Best sports car for the money in my eyes is the scion FR-S. Now looking at the cars your interested I think you want a sport compact. The MazdaSpeed 3 is a great car. I find the fit and finish on the GTI is nicer and it is a more comfortable vehicle but it does not have the same level of acceleration as the 3 does. Have you looked at a WRX? Close to the same price, awd, and even quicker. I also think that the Focus ST should be out soon. That should be around the same price range with very similar performance numbers to the 3. Heck the v6 mustang is around that price range and is a lot of fun to drive. After rambling here and looking online my choice would be the hatch WRX. For about10% more in price you get AWD and a nicer looking vehicle, at least to me.
  2. It depends whats important to you.

    Do you like power in a straight line?
    Do you like versatility (Different weather conditions/road conditions)?
    Do you like handling?...taking curves like a ***** without a hitch?
    Do you like a quality feel with comfort?
    Do you like a car that feels good (heavy and accurate steering/proper clutch design/shifter design...etc)
    Do you like a car that looks good?

    Answer those questions and I'll narrow it down for you very well!
  3. What is your price range?
  4. the cars that you mentioned can't really be considered "sports" car but a sporty car. For the price range you are looking at I think you should go for the VW Golf. It's a fun car to drive and you cant go wrong with VW
  5. Depending on your price range, lexus IS 250 is not a bad choice. It is comfortable like a sedan but built to run like a sports car. It's small but comfy inside. (enough to fit 5 people) I like the features the car comes with too. The seats are also comfortable. Knowing most other sports cars, the steering wheel and seats can be a bit hard but lexus IS 250 is comfortable to drive.
  6. BRZ / Scion Frs should return decent fuel economy. A WRX is quite a gas guzzler. I wish more hybrid sports cars with Atkinson engines were on the market. Right now I think the only non-luxury one is the Optima Hybrid but the HP is kind of low for the curb weight.
  7. I'm interested in future hybrids but as of now I just don't see much benefit from ones out now. They are not any better for the environment, worse if you compare eco model hybrids to a comparable straight fuel cars. They're also heavy because the batteries weigh a lot which we all know hurts performance. Then the initial increase in price negates the fuel economy savings.
    The 'Atkinson' design is great for economy cars but for performance I'm still iffy on. The engine HAS to be boosted or there is no chance it will make comparable H.P. per displacement as a comparable engine. None of these are 'True' Atkinson designs as well, they copy the valve timings/duration but are still using a standard crank so cannot be true as the compression stroke is shorter in a true one.
    Now the soon to be released Porsche 918 is going to be interesting. I think they're using a Williams Hybrid Power Flywheel to create power during braking, at least that's what they used on the 911 GT3 Hybrid race car. I'm not sure on all the specs but it they do like the race car the they'll have two 75kw motors for the front wheels. I've seen layouts suggest otherwise like an electric motor front and back but until I see the actual Porsche specs I won't be sure of it.
    Still, OP should just get a Scion FRS.
  8. Honda Civic Si
  9. I just can't accept a civic as a sports car. It's a good sporty car just not my idea of a sports car. I don't like the last couple versions of the SI because they just became slightly faster stock civics with a body kit and a lower suspension. The old SI used to awesome to throw around corners, the new just doesn't feel the same.
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