Should I get the AMD Athlon II X2P340 or Intel 2.13GHz Pentium P6200 processor i

Should I get the AMD Athlon II X2P340 or Intel 2.13GHz Pentium P6200 (3MB L3 Cache) processor in my laptop? My primary use is gaming. I realize that they're both mediocre but which one is more powerful and faster of the two?

Desperate for an answer.

Thank you kindly in advance.
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  1. I already have everything else taken care of I just need to know regarding the processor. I tried the links is "Pos" the overall score? Sorry, I don't know too much about processors. Thanks for the prompt response!
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    The Athlon would play games better than the pentium, but the petium will be faster at loading applications, and web pages because it is a mainly a Home use, and workstation processor. The Athlon was designed by AMD to be more for the budget minor ethusiast(budget gamers, and people wanting powerful PC's) So go with the athlon if I were you.
  3. Thank you so much for your expertise! You have no idea how much you've helped me out.
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  5. How much RAM are is this system going to have?
  6. Some people are selling the S1G4 AMD chips like the PIIx3 and PIIx4 cheap on ebay. If you're willing to open up your laptop you can swap CPUs.
  7. I don't know, the Pentium should be faster but I don't know if in games too. The higher on that list, the better overall. 1951 vs 1741 in 3DMark06 CPU, also newer technology.
  8. Yeah like I said the Petium might be faster but AMD specially formulated the new athlons to play games(it is better for games than petium, but might be a little slower)
  9. First you need to find out what kind of brand of cpu's are supported in your laptop. Then you need to find out what socket they are. You also need to make sure you have enough power to power it. You can not just slap a processor in a mother board and be done, it just doesn't work like that.
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