4870 the new budget gamer champ?

Sorry, I have not posted here in quite some time. I'm wondering about the 4870 and if now is the time for a budget gamer to pick one of these bad boys up. I read in Tom's October video card best buy article that the 4850 is still a sweet deal at 100, and now I see that the Egg has the 4870 for 100 after rebate. Not sure if stock will stick around until the November write-up comes out, but it seems like the 4870 takes the cake by far at 100 bones.
I'm currently rocking an old school e4300@2.6, 3GB DDR2, 965P-DS3 mobo, Antec TP3 550w psu, and a basic 19" monitor (1440x900); so, this card seems like it would be perfect for my classic rig and my worn-out wallet. It seems to be outperforming the 5770, and I really don't need the extras the 5770 offers anyway. I know the 6000s are about to drop, but I'm not sure that the 4000s will go any lower before they run out -- this drop on the 4870 was pretty recent, so maybe that already covered the 6000 release. Does everyone think I should jump while they are still around? Wait until Friday? Thanks for any advice
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  1. Yeah, for ~ $100 the HD 4870 is a good deal.

    The only gripe I have about it is it draws over 120w of power; yer okay with your PSU.

    The lack of DX11 is not important to me. And as long as it's okay with you, then that makes it a good deal. Prices are always gonna drop. The HD 5770 can be purchased for $125 after rebate right now. I think it would take a while for it to drop to $100 though.
  2. Ok, cool. Thanks Jaguar! You validated my thinking perfectly. I don't think DX11 is going to do anything for me at this level either. 5770 looked nice, but I see that the 4870 outperforms it in the current games, so I might as well save the 25 bucks and use it on the new build later on.
  3. hundred bucks for a 4870 yea thats a damn good deal for how they preform

    i'm tempted to throw one in my rig... but my amd single core 3500+ (2.2GHz stock oc'd to 2.4) is probably already the bottleneck with my 8500gt
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