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Wondering if I have enough power

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March 12, 2011 10:36:54 PM

athlon II 635 OC'd to 3450 mhz
M4A78T-E motherboard
8gb kingston hyperblu x OC'd to 1600 8-8-8
Sony dvd-rw drive
WD Caviar black 1tb hd
2 120mm case fans
gemini II cpu fan
evga gtx 470 768mb OC'd to 830 mhz 2000 mhz

Is my Ultra LSP 550 power supply good enough to handle this setup? I know it's rated at 550 watts, but from what I've read, it's actually more like 360 watts since its 30a on the 12v rail. I'd like to avoid buying a new PSU if this one is at all good enough, but if it's not good enough I'd rather protect the rest of my computer by getting a good one. I know it at least is working for now, as I've played through mass effect 2, and that took about 25 hours. Any insight would be appreciated.

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March 12, 2011 11:15:11 PM

davcon said:
Read this horror story.
Buy a real psu from Corsair,Antec,XFX,Seasonic etc.
A 550-600W would be fine.

Not the most reassuring story. Thanks. Any other opinions? Funny how I ask if this PSU is ok, and I didn't even notice this ridiculous story 2 posts under mine about the same PSU.
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