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No POST beeps, no video, all fans and LEDs work.

I'm a newbie at building pcs. That however didn't stop me from buying a lot of high end hardware to put into my new PC.
Here's my system specs: (I think I listed all the important stuff.)
ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 mobo-
DIAMOND 5850 gpu-
750 watt Corsair psu (I realize it is a bit too much but originally I was going to crossfire.)
Phenom II X4 965 3.4g AM3 cpu-
Two 2 gig DDR3 RAM sticks Gskill Ripjaw-

So, I install my mobo, gpu, cpu, psu and RAM and proceed to do a POST test. However, my mobo LED came on along with all my fans and case LEDS but there was no POST beeps. I even tried doing a RAM test and took out both sticks and powered up but still nothing. Everything has lead to either a dead cpu or a dead mobo. But, I'd like some other opinions before I try to send anything back. Also I ran compatibility check on the CPU and MOBO several times though I'd appreciate it if somebody could double check it.

-A guy that sucks at putting together a computer
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  1. Could be a bad batch of something. you know what things are mode of these days lol. the factories use the cheapest componets they can get there hands on. i think that the Ram cards being at 1600MHz maybe too much for the motherboard. i have had heaps of experience of ram failing or dying and its annoying! the 78 isnt a bad board but i think the ram is not compatible.
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    Did you connect the 4 pin CPU power connector? THat would cause it not to do anything.

    Picture of that connector and other suggestions here
  3. So my problem was first of all, I didn't have the cpu power plugged in. Second of all, my video card was keeping it from booting somehow. I still get no beeps but when I have my monitor plugged into the onboard graphics I am able to see it boot. I'm not sure if I need to make a new thread but is there anyway to tell if I am installing the video card improperly?
  4. Scratch all of that, It's now booting with my video card installed. Thanks for the help. :D
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  6. Glad you figured it out. Its always nice when its something simple.
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