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CMOS Password Reset


I purchased an Aspire One KAV10 LA-4781P netbook at an auction a few months and during the process of installing linux as an OS discovered the BIOS is password protected. In trying to reset the CMOS I discovered that the battery is soldered on and there is no CMOS jumper. The only manual I could find states that there is a CMOS "gap". Unfortunately the manual doesn't match my mobo and in addition I see two gaps, but nothing like in the manual and I'm not sure which one to short to reset.

Here is the manual I found linking to the Aspire One Series one.pdf

And here are some pics of my netbook.

Top (keyboard side)

Close up of potential gap on top


Close up of potential gap on bottom

Note that both gaps, although opposing sides, are both near the CMOS battery

I know your initial response will be to make the person who sold it give me my money back, but thats not really an option, and it was pretty cheap for a netbook and is functional. Its just an issue I would really really like to solve. Thanks for any help in advance!
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    My apologies - Forum rules do not allow questions like Password Reset to be answered - Please contact manufacturer.
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