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hi there guys :)
I've bought a new 5850 and when I checked GPU-Z and EVEREST it shows only 5800 series without showing the model :D
so the question is: how to get the full card model ?

thanks in advance
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  1. so there's no way to know the model of the card without opening the case :D
  2. Yeah I thought about that too but I told myself there must be some way that I can see the full model name :D
  3. There's three cards in the 5800 series ( HD5830, HD5850 and HD5870) they all use the same Cypress chip so GPU-Z is detecting the Cypress chip but doesn't know which card its in, all it knows is that it must be a card from the 5800 series.
  4. so that's why the model isn't showed in GPU-Z
    Thanks !
  5. in cpu-z it shows the model if thats any help :D
    or at least in mine it shows
  6. that will be great, I'll give it a try :D
    Thanks ! :)
  7. I tried CPU-z but nothing seems to work :D
  8. The chip only reports itself as being a 5800, in order to show the model it would need to check stream processors and clock speeds which wouldnt necessarily be accurate like in the 4800 series the 4870 and 4890 were only differentiated by their clock speed, the 4850 was just a slower 4870 with GDDR3 instead of GDDR5, if its not a reliable method its best not to include it for them so no one can complain that they are wrong.
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