I7 950 stock speed and hsf

hi... I'm just new in here..... and I need some help and info...

I have the ff:

i7 950 @ stock speed and hsf
asus sabertooth x58
applied antec formula 7 thermal paste for the cpu
corsair 600t

at idle my temps are about 48-50 c

I run prime 95 for about 2 hours and this is what I got:

any suggestions and speculations ^^v......

tnx in advance btw.....
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  1. Thats wayyy too hot, do not put it underload until you do something because those temps have the potential to do damage, i would not have let it go for 2 hours with the cores going over 80C.

    Double check your heatsink to make sure its locked on properly, make sure that one of the push pins hasnt come loose.
  2. thanks,

    btw... I'm sure that heatsink is properly seated.

    anyways... I'll try reseating it and applying a thermal paste again.... after doing so...

    should I run an 8 hour burn-in with prime 95 to make sure the thermal paste will be properly applied and spread through the hsf and cpu?

    another thing.... after a couple of hours when I tried torture testing my system for 2 hours... my system crashed suddenly when I'm trying to install a driver for my graphics card... just sharing^^v
  3. Why do you bother putting your costly CPU to this much of synthetic torture..!! Just run your regular applications and check the results.. Let the synthetic tests be left to reviewers..
  4. 8 hour torture tests are excessive, if anything is wrong it will almost always appear within the first ten or twenty minutes, and running an 8 hour torture test, if something does go wrong in the middle there is now several hours worth of your CPU cooking itself, its not a good idea.
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