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Can i cross fire two different ATI , 5000 series cards ?

Ok , here's the deal , i'm just now building my first computer , and i happened to buy a GA-890GPA-UD3H that allows for ATI Hybrid Graphics , so i was thinking that to start off with i would buy a HD 5450 and do a hybrid cross fire with the IGP , then later down the road when i have more money i'd buy a higher end GPU ,mabye the new 6000 series set to be released at the end of the month ..

Either way i could end up with say a 5450 and something like a 5870 ... would the combo of both of these work and work well in cross fire ?
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  1. With crossfire it would need to be the same type of card, like two 5450, or two 5870, as far as im aware you can do a 5450 and a 5870, I dont really know about the hybrid crossfire, swear it was jsut the stage of crossfire before CrossfireX but i dont think itd allow for it anyways o.O....
  2. No, you can crossfire cards of the same performance bracket i.e 5850 & 5870 but not two that are different GPU's i.e 5450 & 5870.
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    You can only crossfire cards in the same family, like a 5870 and a 5850 or a 5470 and a 5450, you cannot do a 5450 and a 5870, and even if you did the 5470 wouldnt be able to help out much at all, you would be much better off just replacing it with the newer card.

    As for hybrid crossfire, the 3470 was the strongest card to be able to do that
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