Newegg Diy combos?

i have been looking at this and was gonna purchase it but then i read below that they can't guarantee compatibility? here is the combo tell me if all i need to do is build it. thanks for your time. :)
here is the Link:
here is the pic:

BUDGET RANGE: 700 to 800 CAD$ includes shipping before rebates
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Vindictus on high stable setting Steam games l4d2 etc.) Vid. editting (Adobe AE) photoshop/gimp Internet
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers
PARTS PREFERENCES:Gaming, might preffer hd5770 but will like nvidia 460 too
OVERCLOCKING: YES I'll try my first
MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1080p with a Benq 21" monitor E2220Hd
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: If all are well, this will be my first build. im looking forward to making more builds after this Hopefully you guys can help me! Thanks :hello:
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  2. weird thing is when i put it on cart it doubles the price. like from the original price of $640 the price goes up 1533$!! taht was annoying :/
  3. You probably have 2 in your cart..
  4. yes my bad about that. :na:
  5. can i bump this?
  6. Here is what I would recommend and it is all from so price is CAD. It is 836 CAD including shipping (I just picked a postal code in quebec for reference) but has a $10 USD and $15 CAD rebate. And you get to keep your 6 core processor with an aftermarket cooler that will help you with overclocking.

    Whoops, forget optical drive. Total is 847 CAD before rebates. You could always save money by dropping to a EVGA GTX 460 1gb (~25 CAD) and with rebates that puts you 3 under 800 CAD)
    Also was curious, do you need an Operating System? If you do, then I would recommend something closer to Batuchka's build and use savings to grab windows 7 home 64 bit
  7. yes i need an operating system but im summing it up cause my mom is giving me and my brother 300 dollar budget for her christmas gift for us 2 lol. thanks for the advice too!
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  9. Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping/building ^^
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