Bout to start a new build, need help deciding

Hey guys, first off, my current build.....e8400 @4.0, evga 790i ftw, no video card, antec 900 case, 4 gb ddr3 ram crucial 1333, 22" monitor, I game at 1080p most of the time....

Now,i been researching my ass off for the past 2 days on what to do. My first option was to upgrade to i5760 but then I'd have to get a new mobo, so I finally settled for the an asus p55, I forget which model it was but I know it was sli capable at x8 x8 (x16 x16) was not worth the price for performanceincrease.

My next option was stick with my lga 775 and just upgrade to a q6600 or 9550 and save money from not needing a mobo and get a gtx470.

a buddy of mine let me borrow his 480gtx which I tested in my setup, and I did not see much improvement over my gtx275 sli (when I used to have them, sold them a while back when I needed some dough) soi figured my 8400 was bottlenecking the 480 even at 4ghz.

My question is, will I see a significant improvement if
I ....a) upgrade to a quad, keep my 790i, and get a 470 or 460 sli setup? Or....b) go i5 with that asus mobo, same vga?

Im aware that the q6600/9550 are old tech, but theyre still decent c2q. Im using this mainly for gaming, and an occasional video conversion
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  1. anyone?
  2. I would say the I5 would be the better upgrade IMO.
  3. A pair of 460s ($300-ish?) in SLI is no slouch in anything....since at moderately hi res, the cpu should impact only minimally, especially if running high details/AA/AF...

    I don't think a new cpu/mainboard is all that economical when accompanied by a 3-5 fps increase....; jumping from 60 to 63 fps is not noticeable....

    It's not as if an older Conroe gen cpu is 'weak' fact, they outperform X2s running 800 MHz faster.
  4. thx for the reply guys
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