PCIE x16, PCIE 2.0, PCIE 2.1...Help!

Okay, so I have a Motherboard which is capable of holding a PCIE x16 GPU. I was told that a PCIE 2.0 would work fine as it is backward compatible. Is this the same with PCIE 2.1? Can my PCIE x16 run a PCIE 2.1 with no problems?
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  1. Will read reply 2morrow if anyone can help.
  2. if it is 2.1 it will run 2.0 ther made retro compatibility
  3. I had the same dilemma 2 months back and went with a GTX460(PCIe 2.0) as i wasn't brave enough to try the HD6870(PCIe2.1) . They cost virtually the same over here . I couldn't find a return policy with my retailer so couldn't go for the AMD cards . But if you manage to persuade your retailer to accept a return if the card doesn't work you can buy the ATI card .

    But listing your full PC specs and budget would lead fellow members to help you :)

    If i remember correctly @iamthecrowe has a HD6850 working on a PCIe1.0X16 slot.
    He also mentioned about BIOS upgrade and numerous reseating of his ATI card to make it work .
  4. I have a PCIE 1.0x16. I know that going up one upgrade (2.0) wouldn't be so bad, but wasn't sure if going up two (2.1) would be a good idea.

    btw, thanks scout and scapegoat!
  5. AMD Athlon II Tri-Core 3.2 GHz CPU
    Radeon HD 6850 GPU
    550W PSU
    M2N68-LA Narra5 Mobo

    My specs.

    My basic question is, has anyone had a PCIE1.0x16 slot and put a PCIE 2.1 GPU in and have no problems?
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