Upgrading my System - A Few Questions

Hi all,

I have an i7-860 @ 3.8Ghz, P7P55D-E LX, 8GB 1600Mhz, Sapphire 6970 2GB, WD 640GB Black, Auzentech X-FI Forte, Intel Gigabit PCI-E Adapter, Hyper 212, OCZ 700w Mod, and an Antec 900 Two.

Now I want to go Crossfire and, of course, I will need to get a new motherboard (getting an EVGA P55 FTW from a friend if I go ahead). The real question is, is it worth it to go Crossfire (another 6970) with a P55 motherboard (is the performance drop on a 8x lane that much of a difference)?

As far as I have read, the scaling is excellent on the 6000 series, makes me anxious to go Crossfire.

I am thinking of changing the power supply to a CMPSU-850TX because I think the 700W OCZ Mod cannot handle the Crossfire setup.

The hyper 212 heatsink may be changed to a Noctua DH-14, but I hope that there will enough space for airflow.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

P.S: I may have a lot of card adapters onto those PCI/e slots....so I hope overheating may not be an issue.
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  1. At what resolution are you gaming? you might not even see a difference with a second card. Why do you think you need Crossfire?
  2. The 6970 is pretty new, and, seemingly a stout card in the benchmarks...

    Unless running 19x10 or above in Crysis, it's not as if 40 fps is 'slow'....

    But, if you want 75 fps, by all means, get a new Crossfire capable MB and 2nd card...
  3. I'd agree with the other posters. Unless you're running an Eyefinity setup @ 5760x1200, I don't see the need to go crossfire at this time.

    -Wolf sends
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