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I am having a typical problem with my system : an i7 920, intel dx58so, 3 gb ddr3, 320 gb + 1 tb hdds, zebronics realwatts 600 pro psu, xfx 9800gtx + video card. The problem is whenever i try to rearrange my psu cables to make my cabinet's internals a little neatier, my pc slows down and it is evident from the very first bios display to the xp/vista/win7 programs and games i run. If i undo the rearrangement, my pc gets back its normal speed. I don't understand why or what is causing this ? Does rearranging the power/sata cables causes some electro magnetic interference that could slow down a pc ? Please help me..i was thinking of upgrading my hdd but now i am thinking twice..cause then i will have to rearrange my cables again & my pc will slow down ?
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  1. If I were you I would get a new power supply....A good name brand power supply like antec or seasonic,xfx.........your power supply shouldnt do that from just rearranging the cables...
  2. The last three post I've read were about faulty zebronics realwatts 600 watt supplies. The last guy had one the failed and fried his motherboard...

    I found looking at the spec on that one it Only had 27A on the 12volt rail.... (that's not a true 600 watt supply for sure...)

    In looking at a large number of other 600watt supplies they have between 35A & 50A on the 12 volt rails....

    Get a new quality power supply; Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, .....
  3. Can the video card be the problem too ? Is it possible that some static electricity has been accumulated in the video card and if i reseat it, that static would get discharged ? Same for the memory if i ask ? Is there a way to find out whether or not the pc components have accumulated static electricity ?
  4. Zebronics is a company based in India.

    The Zebronics Pro Series Pro-600 REALWATTS is OEM'd by HEC a.k.a. Heroichi a.k.a. Compucase.

    It's exactly the same as the HEC TN-WX Series model HEC-600TN-2WX.

    Couldn't find any test reviews on that product.
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