Power supply on usb back panel port without computer on

hello friends, i have problem that is, when i switch on electric supply from circuit board to CPU (Cabinet) but do not power on my CPU the electricity arrive on CPU's back panel USB ports (4 USB ports),i recognized it because of my USB mouse, when i gave electric supply to my CPU , USB mouse led blinks without power ON the CPU, i think there is direct supply on my usb port.will it create any problem in future.will it possible to all back panel get affected....???? if not so how to fix it ?

my circuit borad have earthing already.................is there any thing to do with my motherboard????

plz help me sorry about english mistake.....thanx....
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  1. No problem. That's how it's supposed to work.
  2. DelroyMonjo said:
    No problem. That's how it's supposed to work.

    but generally when we On our CPU Power then usb port get the supply and then mouse LED does on !!! is it really no problem of any voltage level ????

    if yes,then how to make configure on my motherboard to fix it ?
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