Is LG FLATRON W2043T a nvidia 3D vision compatible monitor???

I have a LG FLARON W2043T LCD monitor!!
and have a nvidia 240GT 1 GB DDR-3 nvidia GPU
and all my computer parts are compatible with my nvidia 3Dvision software!!! except I just don't know about my monitor can some one pls help!!!! (pls try to find this answer) :heink:

another question------->>>> :hello:

I ran a test in nvidia website everything passed but could not detect the monitor cause i am using a vga cable!!!
If I use a DVI-HDMI will my monitor be detected??? :ange:
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  1. No it will not work. You have to have a 120hz monitor.
  2. will hdmi dvi work?? :bounce:
  3. NO, an hdmi-dvi cable will not magically transform your 120 dollar monitor into a 350 dollar, 120hz monitor.

    If it isn't on that list or doesn't specifically advertise being 3d vision compatable then it's probably not going to work
  4. You have a 60Hz LCD monitor. You need a 120Hz LCD monitor for 3D.
  5. suck ass!!!! my monitor is just bad then !!!!!!!!!
    I guess I have to buy one then!!!!!!!! how about a NVIDIA MONITOR????????
  6. Nvidia doesn't manufacture monitors. Look at the link I posted it lists all the compatable models currently on the market.
  7. though I was searching in the net some people were saying that 3D vision would work in a 60Hz monitor!!!!
    But there would be bit of lag though!!!!
    I asked u if at least my DVI-HDMI plug will work??????
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