How do I test the battery life of new laptop?

I just bought an HP G62X laptop. This system is supposed to have a 5.5 hour battery life. But, I have read some reviews that are critical of the actual battery life.

I am no expert on the subject, but as I understand it, true laptop battery life is typically about half the advertised rate. To get the advertised battery life, you have to have the system in hibernate, or something.

What is an easy, and fair, way for me to test the battery, and what should I realistically expect? Should I try to test the system with the wi-fi off, and in sleep mode? Should I try it with screen on, wi-fi going, and active use? Should I do both? I don't want to unnecessarily use the battery too much. I don't want to spend too much of my own time either.

I there any free utility that might help me with this?

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Here is what I would do.
    Start wilt battery @ 100 % (should also indicate 5 + hrs left. Stick in a DVD move and play it for an Hr. Note remaining % and Time remaining. From this you can figure battery life at most demanding task. This is better than a software pkg. And YES most manuf claims are for laptop doing very little. Much depends on HDD/DVD read/writes, CPU utilization and GPU utilization. You can also use this method - just compare values after an hr of doing what you normally would do.

    If you do not want to sit there, go play tiddly-winks with manhole covers, or better yet with wife/GF.
  2. Battery life is usually the best case scenario, on my HP its 10% screen brightness, minimal CPU activity, and Wifi off; basically sitting at the desktop and doing nothing, if im doing something on it like browsing the internet and have the screen brightness up its dramatically shorter.

    One of the biggest drains on any battery is the screen, if you keep the screen at a lower brightness level it will greatly increase your battery life.

    I would charge it all the way up, then figure out how long it takes for you to hit a nice % drop in the battery power, like getting down to 75%, from there you can figure out how long it will take you to hit 25% where most systems have their auto shut off set.
  3. The life of a battery depends on the usage of the laptop.
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  5. I tried the DVD test. My system battery life is advertised for 5 hours and 30 minutes. In this real world test, I only got 2 hours and 15 minutes. That is only 41% of the advertised life. I was hoping for at least 50% of the advertised battery life. I am disappointed, and I am considering bringing the system back.

    Please note: I never expected to get 100% of the advertised battery life, but I was hoping for better than 41%.
  6. ^ Yes, you could check out if there is a larger "Nr of Cells" battery available. For example if your current battery is a 6 cell pak, look for a 9 cell version. This is what I did for my Tosibia A205, came with a 6 cell, bought a 9-cell. Bought the Tosibia A305 which uses the same battery but came with the 9 cell. So I now have a spare battery that will fit either laptop.

    Google is your friend as they say - look for the cheapest (from a reliable source) as there can be a big diff between retail and lower price.

    As this is an "OLD" thread, I only add this incase Someone reads.
    Mod should close thread - also could a Moderator suggest that they either fix, or delete the link to forum @ bottom of RECENT QUESTIONS.
  7. Is the notebook manufacturers to use the time when the program does not load
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