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Radeon 5770 Won't Post

Hey guys I'm having some difficulty with a friend's rig and getting his XFX radeon 5770 to post.
His system specs are :

Motherboard: Asus M4N98tD EVO
PSU: Apevia 1100 watt Warlock
Processor: Phenom 2 x6 1055T
GPU: Radeon HD 5770

He's getting beep codes for no VGA when he tries to boot the 5770, but I've tried this card in my rig and it works perfectly fine. Also I've tried my 9800GTX in his rig and it works perfectly fine. Its probably noteworthy that when the 5770 is in his rig, the GPU's cooling fan is running at ridiculously full speed. We're already on motherboard number two for this rig, then only thing I can even think of at this point is some strange and ridiculous problem with the PSU.
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  1. Why did you change over from the first mobo on his rig?
    The cards work fine in your rig so that's not the problem.
    Two reasons for it can be a PSU issue and a shorting of one of the components on the Mobo when you insert the card.....
    Check every thing, the RAM inclusive, remove and reseat it all and then try a fresh boot......
  2. We switched from the last motherboard because it would freeze at the splash screen, at the time I assumed it was a problem with the motherboard, but the only common denominator here seems to be the PSU. As for the fresh seat, I've done it twice now
  3. Ok, Have you tried to start it up outside the cabinet, like removing the mobo and putting it out on a box, connecting the cables and trying to boot it with and without the 5770?
  4. Welcome to the forums!

    I've heard other people complain about the same thing on these forums, Nvidia chipsets not working with ATI 5 cards.
    Look for a bios update.
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    Getting beep codes you said?... Ummm,.. there's a big possibility that upon setting
    up the rig or installing the parts there's just some motherboards that when you
    turn the assembled system on, it will give you a beep code, and that beep code
    says something depending on the tone and the longevity of the tone and its

    Try these for a quick fix, it might work.
    - Take all the the RAM off from its socket and firmly put it back in and make sure
    you push the RAMs down with just enough pressure until you hear the clip locks on
    each side of the socket.
    Then, take the video card off of its socket and firmly put it back in and also make
    sure the PCI-e clip locks firmly on the side of the video card and, upon putting the
    card back in, make sure to apply just enough pressure this ensure the
    motherboard wont bend too much because there are just some inevitable
    instances that when a motherboard was bended while installing other pc parts and
    then turning the system on after setting up, it will go crazy on you and giving you
    some weird beeps that you just have to find over the internet what those beeps

    - Reset the motherboard's jumper settings and turn the rig on again, if you still
    encounter the same beep codes try doing what i said above again, and if you still
    hear the beep codes chances are there is something wrong with your
    motherboard, video card or Ram. i suggest take to the shop where your friend
    bought it and have it checked there for factory defects, for sure they have the
    capability and hardware resources to test it there.

    -- Most cases i've come across when setting up gaming rigs, i just take the RAM
    and the video card off the put it back in again firmly and with just enough pressure
    then i'll just reset the mobo's jumper settings then restart and the beep goes
    away and the system restarts normally.

    Hope this helps :-)

    -- Oh, by he way just incase you're curious about beep codes, just google 'motherboard beep codes',
    the search results will take to some pc hardware trouble shooting site and will explain you what those
    beep codes means.
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