Comp crash. need help! A880G+

Hey guys, I need help. My comp has been acting weird ever since the bios have been updated a few months ago ( 88PCP921.BSS is the current bios) in the last week, my comp has blue screened twice. I know it's a bios issue, but I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone give me a hand?

Comp spec:
Phenom II x 4 955BE 3.2GHz
Biostar A880G+ Ver 6.3
Sapphire 6850 HD
G.Skill 4gb 1333
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  1. Flash an older version of the Bios.
  2. Ok, i'll do that when I get home and give an update when done :)
  3. Ok, so I Went back to an old Bios. And after the reboot it said it had bad CMOS. I started my comp and it worked fine...up till just now. Got blue screened again. :/ What am I doing wrong?
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