Looking for a monitor as good as my BenQ FP241W

Hey guys,

So I'm finally looking to go with a dual monitor setup. The problem is, I'm absolutely spoiled rotten. As you may recall if you knew anything about monitors a couple of years ago, BenQ put out an absolute gem, the FP241W. It was kind of a tech blog darling in its day, definitely making the rounds. It was expensive, but man is it ever beautiful. The 2007 revision was the best, but it quickly died out. They don't make them anymore, and they're pretty much impossible to find boxed now.

I don't know enough about monitors to go about finding a mate for this one. What I do know is that even though this guy's 1920x1200, I'd prefer a 1080 screen, as the second monitor would also be my main console gaming and movie screen; black bars aren't attractive and stretching the screen is blasphemy.

Any advice on what I should be looking for, or any screens in particular that people have replaced FP241Ws with (I know I'm not the only one to get my hands on this thing) would be extremely appreciated!
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  1. Well, I've got 2 of these on one setup and the are great.....
    BenQ 24-Inch G2411HD
    They've got multiple inputs so it makes it pretty simple to keep stuff hooked on into them and not having to keep changing cables every now and then, and the clarity is amazing....... they're pretty cheap too... so I'd say it pretty much a good bang for the buck...
    Actually go for a Benq if you like them and the LED ones a better and not too expensive, and response times have dropped to 2Ms so thats even better....

    Although I'm going to go in for 3 V2400 Eco models in the next month.... but .... lets see.....
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