Thanks, Tom's! :D

Thanks to the advice of the good people here at TH, I finally built my own computer for the first time.

For a while at the beginning, it was really touch-and-go... At first, I didn't realize that the GPU would be recognized right away, and had my monitor plugged into the mobo's integrated graphics; a few moments of whirring case fans (thanks for the Haf 912 recommendation!) had me freaking out, until I wondered what would happen if I plugged into the card (a highly-praised by Tom's 6870), and it worked. THEN, I couldn't get the keyboard to work! Turns out I just had it plugged into a non-functioning USB port (still wondering about that, haven't tried to plug anything in new since I built it, wonder if it just was disabled for first boot?)

It was really amazing... I spent WEEKS worrying about messing something up, or the building process being incredible difficult... turns out it's just like everyone told me, computers are really idiot-proof nowadays. All I had to do was match each connector to where it belonged, and it was quite obvious where every connector belonged. Once I began the actual process of building, it was easy... although I must admit, I freaked out when I saw the hard drive didn't have a 'bottom'. No static damage, though, just kept touching metal and everything worked fine.

My cable management is a mess, though, but there's room for improvement... I'm gonna get a Newegg gift card for Christmas from the folks, and when I come back from break, I'll be buying and adding a Hyper 212 for the CPU cooler and probably buy and put in the case fans I have spaces for.

All-in-all, though, I'm completely satisfied with my experience. And yes... I CAN run Crysis :D

Thanks again, Tom's forumgoers.
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  1. Now you're an expert. Congrats!
  2. See, it's not so scary :)

    Glad you enjoyed it!
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