i have compaq presario with ASUS A8M2N-LA motherboard. i wanted to upgrade it. i want to know if somebody could tell me whats the best graphics card that is compatible with the motherboard. it has a PCI-Ex16 graphics slot. im looking for something at ebay.

let me know of a good memory too that will max out the motherboard.

thank you!

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  1. I recommend you not spend any money on your present system if it works well. Here's why:

    First, you'll need a better power supply first before changing anything else. Expect to spend at least $40 for a decent brand with at least 400 watts. Your compaq power supply is probably a 250w model, barely adequate for what you have now.

    Second, if you're using the windows installation that came with your system, it won't load windows with a non compaq motherboard. A small bios file tells windows you have a compaq board; it won't load windows with any other brand.

    Third, decent video cards barely fit in the compaq case; some are too long.

    Fourth, buying more ddr2 isn't recommended; it costs more than ddr3, and if your motherboard fails, you'll need to buy ddr3 to run any of the newer motherboards.

    If you still want to upgrade, get only the power supply and video card and keep your old stuff. The new (small to medium size) video card and power supply can be used in your next system. And you can put the old power supply back in if you sell the system intact and let the buyer use the onboard video.
  2. Here's a good brand of ps: and here's a video card with lifetime warranty if you register it online:
  3. WOW! thank you so much for that explanation. i dont wanna spend another dollar for a power supply. i think i really dont have to upgrade that anymore. i'll just build a gaming rig myself and get those from newegg.

    thank you so much. i appreciate it.
  4. I have the same mobo and am looking to upgrade my Radeon X800....have read issues with some PCIe 2.1 video cards. Fastest compatible (confirmed) graphics card for this mobo?

    With the graphics card upgrade, I will be getting a better quality PS as well (XFX 550 watt or Antec TP-550). Otherwise, I will leave both as is. Thanks.

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