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morning peeps of this board
I got a old cpu from a friend and i was going to try to get it running. the old psu in this computer was fried and i have an extra one laying around. the mobo on this computer has a 20slot plugin and the psu i have has a 24slot connector with a seperate 4 slot connector. my question is would it be ok to splice the 24slot connector to a 20 slot plug?
i've been searching and i know i could by a cheap connector but i was wanting to use the extra parts i have laying around.
any help would be appreciated
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  1. Most 24pin connectors are 20+4 not 24+4 as I read your post. http://www.playtool.com/pages/psuconnectors/connectors.html
    I would rather slice the end of the old motherboard connector if you have a true 24pin than slice the PSU connector.
  2. ya its from a emachines computer the specs are:
    model: atx-300-12EB3 Rev: S1
    but it has a 24 pin ATX and then an extra 4pin ATX cord with it. technically there is only 23 wires going to the 24pin plug. would it be ok to cap the unused wires or can i combine some of the grounds together
  3. The 4 on the end are extra and not needed so if you do it in a safe manner it should be fine. Compare the wiring to the one in the link I posted before.
  4. is it possible that some of the wires could be switched around IE: it says purple is slot 9 but on my 20 slot pug purple is in slot 8
  5. meh i got all the wiring figured out and the light is on the back of the psu, on the mobo and the front of the computer and i cant get it to work. when i turn it on the fan will act like it wants to turn on but then it will stop. so im thinking its a faulty psu or mobo. unless its my wiring job but i dont think thats it because i had the same problem with the old cpu that the psu was in
    good thing is im not out any money XD
    your help is appreciated though
  6. Use our troubleshooting guide http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-boot-video-problems
    The breadboarding linked in the guide should nail down the bad part if the guide does not help.
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