Will my Athlon II x3 435 be enough for a hd 6850?

Well my headline says it all

Out to by a new graphics card

and was wondering if my current athlon II x3 435 wouod be a bottleneck for a hd 6850 gpu?

Rest of My specs

AsRock 890fx deluxe 3
6 gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram
Corsair vx450 Psu
Samsung spinpoint 1 tb hdd
stock cooler
Unknown brand Case
Radeon hd 4850 512 gb gpu
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  1. Oh by the way:

    it will be used for games on a monitor with a max resolution of 1920*1080
  2. Depends on the games you play. At the moment as I understand it CPU speed is the most important factor after having two cores.
    Overclocking your cpu would help but would probably require an aftermarket heatsink/cooler.
    But I'm not that familar with games.
    The X3 is worth trying first unless you plan future upgrades.
    I believe at this time either the Athlon II X4 or the Phenom II 955 offers all you would need.
  3. The x3 435 will NOT bottleneck a 6850 or any other single graphics card.
  4. No problem ....

    With an 890FX and DDR3 1333 you can run 14x250MHz at 1.375v with the IMC/NB at 2500MHz and 1.2v or less . That should give you an easy 15-20% on your frame rates. Your biggest problem is your power supply (assuming you are going with the HD6950 2GB):

    Use 150w for the remaining system load (OC'ed)

    edit --- I'm now firmly on the fence :lol: I think you can use your PSU and go with the HD69502GB but ...

    Using PowerTune you will need to find a 'sweet spot' somewhere between 210-230w for your video card. You will most likely need a new PSU when you flash that second BIOS to a 6970 and boost the the volts a bit.

    A new PSU would also give you some room for 14.5x250MHz at 1.4v.
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