Building a smoking fast system that will support MythTV natively and windows VMs


I'm currently running a C2D 1.8ghz machine, running Win7 with a Win7 VM that I remote into from work (allowing my wife to work locally undisturbed as I do my thing). I also have a DirecTV DVR.

I would like to build a new system that will be setup as such:

New system, running Suse Linux natively, with two video cards. One will have dual DVI outs to my current dual LCD display. The other will be a VDPAU capable card with HDMI out, running to my TV/receiver setup.

I have a HDHomeRun, will use that to bring in OTA HD to MythTV that's running natively on the Suse box. Would also like to be using Virtualbox to run two Win7 VMs, one that I'll remote into and another that will use the dual-dvi display for the wife's use locally.

My goal is to cancel DirecTV as we watch minimal TV, and all we do watch is stuff we can get OTA. Also, I'd like to consolidate the DVR and workstation to save on power.

My question is - can someone suggest an optimal setup that could keep up with this wishlist? I understand there are certain processors that can emulate 64bit OSes; I currently run 32bit Win7VMs but would not like to be restricted if I wanted to upgrade in the future. Also, is using two video cards for the purpose stated above asking too much from a system? I have a decent level of experience with Linux and am not afraid to spend some time tinkering, of course if someone recommends hardware that is Linux friendly that would make my life much better.

Thanks for any help!
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