What display card should I change to?

There is a custom build vendor here in Hong Kong that is offering a deal that I kind of like the looks of;
Price: USD equivalent $1,000

Core i7-950
Asus Sabertooth X58, (SATA 3 & USB3)
6GB Corsair DDR3-1600 (2x3GB)
Western Digital 1TB SATA3 - 64MB
Geforce GTS450
Lite-on Blu-ray ROM
Huntekey 550W PSU supply
Generic case

What I want to do;
1. Rip and convert a pile of my Blu-rays so I can pack them away in storage
2. Play games - FPS shooters at max settings and Full HD (Crysis, Cysis 2 when it comes out - LOL!)
3. Also I would like it to boot up nice and fast so I will invest in a SSD but I figure that is not so importannt right now.

Now I know the graphics card is not going to cut it, aand I reckon I can spend about $200-300 max in swapping out the card. The question is what card should I get a ATI5850/5870, or GTX470, or should I wait for a 6XXX card? I have no affiliation to any brand, but I would rather not have it running too hot if I can as my desk is in a cramped area, and there is not much room behind the machine. Is Fermi really as hot as everyone says, or is it really a very good card with bad PR? Is the 6XXX series going to be a game changer and how much are they going to cost.

Also I know the existing PSU isn't going to manage, so any recommendations on that front that doesn't break the bank bearing in mind I got to get the SSD too.
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  1. HD5850/70 will run on your current PSU (although not a recommended brand/ consider replacing) but not GTX470.
  2. a gtx 470 would be a nice choice, fast booting of pc depends on hdd not graphics card,
    waiting sucks and won't recommend waiting for 6xxx series coz there is pretty no reviews or discussions regarding it.
  3. Asides from what will run on the PSU as that can be upgraded, do I go 5850/70, GTX 470 or wait for the imminent 6XXX series. Surely the new 6XXX series can't be any worse than the existing cards, but anyone have an idea on pricing? Will there be a price premium and will the 5 series be reduced in price if I wait?
  4. On the prices we would be guessing, so no comment!
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