Hdd not detected at the bios boot under win 7

Hello,i was working while my pc suddenly set off
i tried to restart the system but now the bios cannot boot
and the hdd is now not detected by the bios even new hdd id tried to replace the old with what can i do?
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  1. If you can enter BIOS, check with the boot device priority settings.. Sometimes after a sudden crash or power outage, the settings change which cause problems..
  2. Reset the CMOS. (Remove the battery on the motherboard for several minutes.)

    If that doesn't work, can you boot from a CD, floppy or USB drive? If so, I'd suggest to flash the BIOS.
  3. Agree with PreferLinux. Reset the CMOS first, and then try flashing the BIOS.
  4. With a modern motherboard, there is nothing dangerous whatsoever about flashing the BIOS/firmware. There are plenty of problems that can be fixed by flashing the BIOS when it the checksum is fine, just so that you know.

    We already know it is not the HDD as a new one was tried. If the BIOS can't see the HDD, there is no way Windoze will. And the HDD will spin up if it has a power connection, even if there is no data cable connected, so there is no point checking that.

    The problem will be either the PSU, motherboard, CPU or BIOS.
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