Hasty moves with possible after affects :)

Hi All,
Well ive been meaning and desperatly wanting to upgrade to an i5 2500k but thought ill carry on waiting but today some special offers finally cracked me. I have purchased 2 x MSI Radeons 2GB Afterburner 6950 R1 editions for 189 each. Obviously this was rather rushed but i couldnt help myself. My current PC spec is

Q8200 @ 3.26 Ghz
Asus P5q3 Deluxe P55 Mobo
4GB Corsair Ram 1333Mhz @ 1856Mhz 9 10 9 27
2 x Sapphire ATI 4850
700W OCZ StealthX PSU
Corsair H70 Cooler
2 x Intel SSD x25m 80GB RAID 0
2 x Storage HDDs + DVD Drive
More Fans + NZXT fan controller
Antec 1200 Case

I have 2 other machines with a 9500gt and an 8600gt in and plan to exchange these with my 4850's so when i have friends round we can game a bit better. Both have 19in screens so high resolutions arnt possible)

My question is, would my psu be enough to handle these new cards. Will there be bottle necking? I may be able to clock my q8200 up to 3.4 maximum as i have no temperature issues (57C Prime 95 load) just obviously locked multipliers.

I would like to buy an i5 2500k asus p67 mobo and 8GB corsair vengeance ram.
Shall i stick with my current set up or just spend the extra for rebuild. I do have a last budget of £500 to spend IF neccessary. Obviously will i need a new psu if i buy these parts.

Just for the record i play Bad Company 2, Rift, NFS Hot pursuit and also crysis 2 when its out and many many hours on battlefield 3 when its released :)

Thankyou all :D
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  1. With 19" monitors I think you'll do fine as is.
  2. Aww i meant the specification of my computer, i have 24in HD screen 1920 x 1080
  3. Well you've already got plenty of juice for the first 3 games on your list. Of the two upcoming games Crysis 2 will probably be the most demanding so if you wanted to play that on the higher settings start budgeting for the i5 build. The new engine scales well so If your happy with medium to high setting then you're aset as is. BF3 isn't supposed to be more demanding than BF2 but official specs aren't out yet.

    BTW - My cousins Rift account got hacked yesterday. He's not stupid enough to use an easy or common password or give it out. You might want to go thru and make you password a little harder to crack if it isn't already. So far he's gotten no response from Trion/Rift on getting his stuff back either.
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