Cpu is running slower after i cleaned the fan

Ok, so i started getting a thermal warning from my mother board so i took off one side of the case. Everything started up fine. Then i decided to clean the cpu fan because i saw a lot of dust around it. So i did and i realized there was A LOT of dust in there so i cleaned it up. I'm still getting lower fps in games. Then i decided to swap out of the stock 300w psu with a 500w psu and I'm still not getting any better performance. What could be the problem?

Motherboard - Intel D945GCL
OS - Windows 7 32 bit
CPU - Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.20ghz
RAM - 4gb
Video card - Geforce 9500 gt
Stock psu was at 300w
New Psu - Rosewill RD 500-2DB at 500w
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  1. i have the same problem.
    i have a malfunction temperature sensor on my cpu, it shows 75 °C on idle, 104 °C on load (over TJMax but no shutdowns)
    even though when i touch the heatsink its like 55 °C not more. but because of that, the cpu/bios thinks, it will overheat, and it throttels down the cpu. for me its from 2,79 Ghz to 1,99 Ghz, and i get fps drops in games.
  2. is there any way of fixing this without having to change the cpu.
    i mean i got a spare cpu but its a intel pentium d dual core at 2.8ghz
  3. unfortunately, i don't think so. i have a same thread open in the graphics & displays here on tomshardware. i searched on google like 1,5 days for this, there is no way to disable cpu throttling :/ it annoys me too
  4. how do u check how fast my cpu is working?
  5. look at this: http://img12.imageshack.us/f/confthrottling.png/

    for example, run prime95 a bit, or play a game for 15 minutes, and really fast look at core temps cpu-z etc. what you wish, if its below your normal speed, it's throttling.
  6. How old is the system? Could any fans be wearing out? Whats the airflow like thru the power supply? The temperature?
    The CPU heatsink may need new thermal paste, or a new fan.
    As I recall the 945 used a case with side duct and depended in part for the power supply to cool the case, which some newer more efficient PSUs do not.
    There were ways to add a fan to the duct at the side pane.
  7. The D945GCL supports another fan installed inside as well. I've done that, but also replaced the noisy Power Supply fan w/a larger newer one that pulls air thru it...WHOOSH! I keep the auxillary fan blowing on the graphics card heat dissipator(regardless of a tiny fan on it) and service my processor fan every 6mos(Summer/Winter). At general idle w/E6700 C2D, 38-45C temps....intense game interchange(for this mobo) 55-62C temps....good luck!
  8. Also----if you have an amperage mismatch on your voltage rails, that can cause problems as well!!
  9. i can disable thermal throtling in BIOS. I dont know why you cant.
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