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My six-year-old office computer (that I'm responsible for maintaining/troubleshooting) is making a buzzing noise when under load. By "load", I mean that it will buzz if I scroll a webpage quickly. The buzz is constant if the page has any Flash on it. And this isn't capacitor whine either -- people in the office have interrupted their conversations to ask, "What the hell is that sound?".

The PC is stable. The PSU is no-name (doesn't even list the wattage rating) and the voltage levels have always fluctuated slightly, but this is the first occurrence of buzzing.

Is this problem fixable, or am I justified in asking for a new PSU?

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  1. I would ask for a new PSU it could be that the fan in it is on its way out.
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    A PSU is not a consumer repairable device. Replace the PSU if that is where the buzzing is coming from. It could easily be electrical. Just make sure you back up any important data. A PSU failure can cause lots of issues elsewhere.
  3. id recommend replacing it.
    what is the overall spec of the pc. (giving this will help us figure out how big the new psu should be)
  4. Thanks all for the advice. The PC specs:

    Pentium 4 @ 3.0GHz
    1 GB (2 sticks) of DDR2
    ATi Radeon x600
    80GB 7200rpm WD IDE harddrive

    I figure a 300W PSU would be the bare minimum. My local computer store has a Corsair 430W PSU on sale for $40. This seems like a good deal.
  5. $40 bucks is a good deal and thats a good brand. Even if it didn't solve your problem, having a spare is invaluable to a system builder.
  6. it is a good deal and more than you need...
  7. I've replaced the PSU. A colleague opened the faulty PSU and found a burst capacitor. Luckily, the situation could have been much worse.

    Thanks again for all your help.
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  9. FYI, it is very dangerous to open a PSU. They store a tremendous amount of energy, enough to kill you outright or cause heart palpitations and kill you later on. I have seen this first hand when a tech opened up a CRT monitor and was accidentally grounded. Needless to say, the stored energy escaped through his body and stopped his heart.
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