Freezing at intervals

To start my system is a

EVGA 750i SLI MoBo
Intel E8200 @2.66 GHz
2GBs of patriot ramm
XFX 5770
Western Digital 500GB Caviar Black
and a 550 Watt PSU
I'm running windows 7 64bit

I built this system earlier this year in march and I hadn't encountered this problem until very recently. The computer freezes for 30 seconds to a minute maybe more and then comes back. Right now I'm in safe mode but that doesn't always stop it from Freezing. occasionally when it comes back from freezing it will say "Display Driver AMD has stopped working and recovered". I don't think it's a memory problem because when i look at the system performance in task manager when it unfreezes the CPU usage is at 100 but the memory stays the same. I don't think its overheating because it's now winter and I had no problems all summer not only that but the problem can occur after hours of use or before i even log into my user. Sorry if this is a sloppy mess of jumbled thoughts, despite building a PC I am not very savvy my knowledge comes from the community. thank you

I recorded this video on my Ipod nano to give you and idea of whats happening
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  1. reinstall your video card drivers... if it still does it maybe your psu is being overloaded.. i think its your drivers though
  2. Do you have another known good power supply you can try?

    Reseat everything, including memory...; try one mem stick at a time in required slot if specified.

    Check cpu temps in BIOS (or from within Windows via assorted utilities....)

    Try the hard drive in a different port...
  3. I have no spare parts but I'll try both of your reccomendations
  4. Reinstalling drivers and re-seating the graphics card and ramm didn't help it's also worth noting that I get a c1 error post code from my MoBo which has to do with ram.
    anyway I reinstalled windows and a few days later the problem returned. I uninstalled my video card drivers so Ill see if the problem persists
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