Corsair AX750 VS AX850

Here are the core component of my next build

Mobo : Asus P8p67 Deluxe
CPU : i5 2500k ( will OC moderately )
Heatsink : Noctua NH-C14
Ram : 2x4gb G.Skill Ripjaw X
GPU : Asus GTX 570 DirectCU II
Storage : 1 c300 ssd + 2-3 HDD ( i have 1 wd caviar black 1tb and 2 older wd drives, might not use )
Case : not sure yet, choices are bitfenix survivor, lian li PC-7NF...

I am aiming for a performance build that can be as quiet as possible, this is why i am going with the corsair AX series psu, however im not sure which one to get... I know the AX750 will be enough power, however, the way the PSU work is that whenever it is bellow 20% of max load, the fan doesnt spin at all, it is in silent mode. When the load is between 20-50% , the fan is in constant speed "quiet" mode, and then above 50% the fan speed will go up according to load/temps ( i call it noisy mode ).

So goal here with going with the 850 instead of the 750 is to avoid reaching above 50% load and possibly keep my system under the 20% to be in complete silent mode, however im not sure that is even possible.

I dont plan on ever going sli btw, so i know 850 is overkill, this is strictly based on noise reduction. If both system are going to be in "quiet" mode ( under 50% ) most of the time, then there is no point in paying an extra 20$ or so for the 850...
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  1. What are you going to cool the GTX570 with? That looks to be the loud part of your system and will certainly be louder than a high quality PSU like the AX!
  2. I aint doing anything, the Asus GTX 570 DirectCU II seems to be the most quiet 570 out there... i know this will likely be the loudest part in my system, but what can i do... The only other option would be to go with a GTX 560 Ti , but this will affect performance too much i think...
  3. I do not think it matters much between the two GTX's. On the PSU's you sacrifice efficiency running it at low loads highest around the 50% mark the noise is 40decibels at full load which happens to be the same as the Asus card
    I would just get the smaller PSU!
  4. Well, Acutally , the Asus DirectCU II at maximum fan speed is supposed to be about 31db , linky

    ... so.. do i still get the 750 ?
  5. so essentially youre saying that my build as is, in idle or light usage should remain at least within the 50% load of the 750W psu, therefore the psu should never need to go into its active cooling phase ( above 50% ) ?
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    What I am saying even if you put a heavy load on the PSU it will not go to the 650watts that would exceed the 31db your GPU is putting out at the same time. Your max loads (+ additional drives which is not much) under normal use would be according to this 361watts and stress test 446watts
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