New build extremely slow

I put together a decent build(i thought) for work. It's slow as heck. I don't know if something is wrong.

It's a AMD athlon X3 445, 4 gigs memory, two f4s in raid 1. When trying to install the os, it takes forever. Just the first screen, I get the mouse and background for about ten minutes, then it gives me the option to start now. Is the proc just that slow? I've only ever done win 7 on a 920.

Could I have something off on the raid or drive settings? Clocks look to be where they should be.
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  1. The F4s are going to be quite slow compared to a normal drive, they arent performance drives and in RAID 1 you will be taking a slight write speed hit due to some overhead in the controllers. I would definitely blame it on the F4s and not the CPU.
  2. But the hdd light is not on. This is before any hdd activity. Also these are the 320gb 7200 drives.
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