Network with PC, Mac, and NAS that works?

I desire to have my iTunes library and my family photos on a network drive, and be accessible by both my iMac and my PC.

Here is what I have:

-iMac (late 2009) with Snow Leopard
-PC with Win 7
-Linksys WRT610N router (has 1 USB port for NAS drive)
-Netgear Stora "Home Media Network Storage"
-My home is wired for ethernet data, by which the Stora is connected
-iMac and PC are both wirelessly connected to router

I have poked, prodded, configured, reconfigured, pinged, formatted, and googled about everything that there is to do with the hardware that I have.

Short of getting rid of the iMac and/or PC, converting one of the platforms into the other, or arranging a bilateral peace treaty, I am willing to do (and spend) what ever it takes to make these two work together.

I have also found the Stora to be just a hair shy of absolutely useless on the iMac, so it is completely expendable.

Ultimately, I would like there to be a drive (much like what is seen in "My Computer" when a second drive exists or an external USB drive is attached) that can be accessed (shared) by both platforms.

Can someone/anyone advise me on what hardware is necessary to cohesively connect the pieces of my puzzle,

- OR -

If the hardware that I have will work in the setup/configuration/mode that I want, and ignorance is my real problem, is there a Company or person(s) that can be recommended from whom I might solicit there services to make this nightmare go away?

Thanks in advance for any insight!
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  1. Well what have we got working so far.

    I believe I read that your MAC can see the NAS. Now is that seeing it, as it's on the network, or seeing it as it's connected via USB to the MAC.

    I would think that your problem lies with the MAC as it's probably trying to use appletalk commuication for network adaption.

    From the Windows Machine can we see the MAC on the network and can we also see the NAS on the network?
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