Fiitting a PC heatsink and fan to a PS3

Looking for some advice

After repairing my ylod PS3 i found that after about 10 mins of use the ps3 fan would ramp up to the loudness of a hairdryer. the PS3 didnt actually overheat with a warning message but the loudness was annoying.

I decided I would try to mod the ps3 to fit my own heatsink and fan
I went for putting a heatsink and fan on the cpu and one on the gpu
i got the heatsinks from a compaq evo D510

the heatsinks are rivetted onto 2 copper plates i made (with a layer of thermal compound ) and the copper plate is bolted through the system board like this. THe cpu and gpu sit nice and flush with the copper plate

I then fitted a couple of PIII 12v fans on top of the heatsinks and running without the control wire plugged in so i assumed they would be running at full speed. Would this be the case?

anyway after testing I found that the PS3 would overheat after about 30s and switch off. the original ps3 fan was exhausting the hot air off the heatsink and my modification i have tried blowing cool on to the heatsink and exhausting the air from the heatsink but both methods gave me overheating issues so I need to try something else.

Would I be better to use something like a socket 775 fan like this without the copper plate? I could make up little aluminium extension brackets to extended the heatsink holes so that the heatsink could sit directly onto the cpu or gpu

the ps3 cpu is 40mm x 40mm and the gpu is 41mm x 41mm

How can i be sure the fan is running a full speed ?
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  1. i would have just cleaned the dust from the original heatsink/fan and got a replacement fan. No point in modding it.
  2. it is nice to DYI mods on hardware on Toms again
    Years ago there was alot of Modders on this site

    Your heating problem probably doesnt stem for inadequate

    What kind of repair did you do?
  3. I break the silence after over 3 years!
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