Dual Channel memory will not work.

So I ordered a GIGABYTE GA-P45T-ES3G motherboard to replace my MSI board that started hanging constantly and unfortunately the dual-channel memory will not work. I have a Q9550 2.83@3.4 and 8GB of G.Skill Rip Jaws ddr3 1066 ram. The ram works fine in single channel and the comp is reading 8GB. Comp works perfectly with them plugged into sockets 1 & 2. However, when I place the 2nd card into slot 3, the correct slot for this Mobo for dual channel, the comp will not start and I am getting the beep beep beep beep from the start up speaker. It just keeps beeping, then shuts off, comes right back on and beeps again and repeats this same process until I manually shut it down.

I have tried using the 2nd and 4th slot, my prefered slots due to my large heat sink, but those do not work either. I had to adjust the heat sink on my cpu so it would fit with both sticks in slots 1 & 2.

I am convinced the mobo has to have defective card slots, but I might be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. you have ot use slot 1 and 2 these are the first dual channel then 3 and 4 are the second dual channel read your manual at section 1-4 page 16
  2. Well it does say this: Channel 0: DDR3_1, DDR3_2
    Channel 1: DDR3_3, DDR3_4

    Next to this is a diagram illustrating the dual channel memory configuration and that specifies that Two Modules has one stick in DDR3_1 DDR3_3
    DDR3_2 DDR3_4.
    Also for Four Modules is says to use them all. Now I have 2x4GB sticks of ram and they are currently in slots 1 and 2 and this is giving me single channel memory. As stated above, with the dual channel configuration the comp will not even boot.
  3. look at your bios for other memory settings
  4. As far as I can tell there isn't anything in the BIOS to enable or disable dual-channel memory configuration. I have gone over and over it to no avail.
  5. Really could use some direction here.
  6. put one stick in channel one and the other in channel 3 that give dual channel in manual if oyu have two modules but if you use 4 modules they all have to be fill from 1 to 4 all this have to be made first at the default cpu speed before oc the mobo
  7. Yea I have the two module set up, 4gbx2 sticks. The problem is when I put the two sticks in slots one and three or alternatively slots two and four the system will not post. The start up speakers begins beeping several times, the system shuts off, restarts and the whole process begins again. It will literally do this over and over again untill I manually shut the system off.

    Thats the main issue. With the ram sticks in the proper slots for dual-channel config, the system straight up will not post. I have tested both sticks of ram seperately and they both work. They will work in slots one and two together or slot one seperately, but that is unfortunately single channel config on this board.

    I am convinced the board has two defective slots (3 & 4), but I am not the strongest with Bios memory settings and I wonder if this could cause the dual-channel to not work. However, I have never had this issue with other boards running dual-channel. Also the fact I cant even get the system to post with the ram in the proper slots for dual-channel config limits my ability to even check the bios settings while in dual-channel. I made some changes in the bios while in single channel mode to test, but still no post with the sticks in the porper slots for dual channel. Sigh...time to buy a new mobo I guess. :heink:
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    try rma if it still under warranty
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