"ati 4850 x2" versus "2 nvidia gtx 460 1GB in sli"

What would be better en if so how large would the difference be between an ati 4580 x2 and 2 nvidia gtx 460's 1GB in sli ?

I am talking about when you use them to play wow cataclysm on 1920 * 1200 on ultra (or really close to ultra) settings.
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  1. 2 nvidia gtx 460 will be better and by 30 to 40%lkk
  2. Its like this..

    A 4850x2 is as fast as 5670 in Xfire mode. Nvidia's non OC GTX460 in SLI is as fast
    as Two 5850 in Xfire mode sometimes faster depending on the games. For the
    case of some factory heavily overclocked GTX460 like the Palit's Sonic Platinum
    GTX460 is like the performance of two non OC 5870 on Xfire mode.
    Thats how fast a GTX460 is.

    As far as WOW Cataclysm is concerned using GTX460 in SLI, you can play @
    1920 x 1200 resolution without any lags and in ultra settings, as long as your
    procie is a high end dual core one no matter if its AMD or Intel, as long as its clock
    speed is 2.9Ghz or higher.
  3. thx for the reply,

    I just figured I don't have the option of sli...I have an asus P5Q-E, so only crossfire.

    An other option I am thinking about is 2 ati 5850's in crossfire...how would that compare to an ati 4850 x2 ?

    As system I have:

    4 GB Memory
    Windows 7 ultimate

    settings would be:

    1920 * 1200
    ultra settings
  4. Why the interest in a 4850x2 ? I would not consider that a option right now.

    A 5850 would be a much better choice.

    For around 210.00 the 6850 would probably be a even better choice for a crossfire only m/b. The card has not been released yet. But will perform similar to a gtx 460~768-1gb card.

    This generation of 6xxx cards will have slightly better dx11 performance and cheaper prices than 5 series cards, thanks to competition.
  5. @ tomvertommen

    Well, if two 5850 is you choice specially if you buy the factory over clocked ones like the Power Color 5850PCS+ or the Sapphire 5850 Toxic edition ones, then all you can do is sit back, relax and enjoy playing WOW cataclysm or other very high end demanding games without any lags or glitches. Even if you buy two non OC 5850s and manually overclocked it, still you'll enjoy many latest demanding other than WOW cataclysm at very high resolutions.

    The difference in performance of a 4850x2 against. two 5850 in Xfire mode is i think around 30-50 percent depending on the games (not sure though, but its close on those ranges) because there's also a factor of FPS increase when using quad core or 6 core processors as compared to high end dual core ones.
  6. I allready have the 4850 x2...I never thougt it would lag in wow, but sometimes it does and not only in Dalaran.

    Today I was flying around in Dragonblight and got 10 fps. It's not like I have a ton of things running in the background or somethihg like that. I reinstalled this computer a week ago and switched from windows xp to windows 7.

    Maybe someone can point me to the video settings that matter the most ? I read a few times shadows and draw distance are important. To be honest I don't want to lower draw distance...It's just to important for me. I'll give shadows a try, but really this computer should be able to play wow without turning down video settings too much,

    thx for your comments so far.
  7. Just make sure your shadows aren't on maximum and you'll get much higher fps.
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