CPU fan not spinning/recognized

a few days ago, i noticed my cpu was overheating, turns out the fan was running slow (500-600rpm instead of the usual ~1300). opened the case and cleaned a layer of dust from the fan/behind it, and now it doesn't spin at all - bios shows 'n/a' and speedfan shows 0 rpm.

the other fans are working fine, and the fan seems to try and spin during startup - it turns about 1cm and stops a few times

cpu's an amd athlon x2 240, cooler's an arctic freezer 64 pro, anyone know what'd fix it?
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  1. IMO you should take out the CPU, clean the thermal paste, apply some new one (say, Arctic Silver 5), clean the HS and try again.
  2. If you had to "clean a layer of dust" get a vacuum and go clean your computer... all of it... a lot..... repeatedly.....
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