Is anybody else having problems with Nvidias GT230? I only play the cloud games

I have a new HP TouchSmart PC with an NVIDIA G230 card that keeps crashing on me. I only play the Cloud games on Facebook but it is very annoying to lose the screen and float back to the desktop constantly. At the moment they don't offer another card except in a smaller model and that is the G210 which is even smaller. But I wonder if it is a particular issue with the G230 card because I don't seem to see that anybody else is using it and quite a few people have similar problems with the G230. But I don't know if the G210 would be just as bad. Can anybody suggest a card they might be able to use in a tight space a TouchSmart requires?? I have had the PC for 2 months and have had to do 2 complete Factory Restores because of all the problems ---next stop is back to the factory and try to get my money back if the card can't be replaced.
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  1. Quote:
    1.)did you try an uninstall and re-install of drivers.?
    2.) clean sweep of all nVidia drivers and then let windows find them

    I have done 2 complete Factory Resets to start things from square one. Each time it appeared that things were a bit better at first as the new drivers were installed at time rather than reinstalled over each previous ones. But after a few days of use it goes back to it's old behavior of freezes and the blue screen of death. HP has now agreed to give me back ALL of my money and the machine is going directly to the guy at the Crash Team I had been working wiith. He inisists it must be some fluke as he has the same machine at home and it works fine. I had done some reading re this card and none of it was very good but I am a novice when it comes to rating video cards. I never had to worry about them before. I think there is a Microsoft Conflict with this card as it gets worse after each Microsoft Upgrade comes out. I have the problems on line so it must be something with Internet Explorer and maybe Adobe Flash combo with the Nvidia card driver. It's a pity that I could not get a different card for this machine. HP said there was no way. I loved all the other bells and whistles but I spend too much time on line to deal with all the crashes. I may just go try out a Mac.
  2. That is probably very true but I also have a bigger issue. When HP installed Windows 7 on the machine 8/6 there was an error "Microsoft -Windows-Setup"stopped due to the following error:0xC000000D Source: Kernel-Event Tracing Event ID: 3 Level: Error User: System OpCode: Stop

    Everytime I have done a Factory Restore I have only reinstalled the same problem since I don't have any actual discs for Windows 7 I can't put in a clean copy. My last Factory Restore was on 10/18 and you can see all of the error messages for 8/6 and then again on 10/18. I have saved the Event Logs as proof that it is nothing I have done to the computer but that it was done at 7:53:04 PM 1 week before I received the PC. What little information I can find about this error mentions problems with video displays among other important things. There are some other CRITICAL messages and problems --probably when I get the freezes and other warnings. It functions fine for a few days then something sets it off and I get the error messages one right after another.

    This has gone on so long now that my husband has written to HP to get our money back. I just discovered the Event Log entry from August last night. I urge everybody to check these logs as they do give you some interesting informatiion --not that I understand it all and any information anybody can add to the above error code I would certainly appreciate.
  3. Sadly my student days are long past and I'm now in my senior days. I do volunteer work with 3rd graders and teach them Word......I wonder if that would count!
    HP has offered $$ back but we have to box up the system at our expense and send it back. My husband is not happy about all the lost time and effort this has cost. It was an HP employee who made the mistake during the initial Windows install and we are paying for it. I just want it over with and just might get a Mac ---with the extended warranty!
  4. Thanks!
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