Which card is better 5870 1g or gt 435m 2g ?

i dont know which one i should get either the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics
Feature 1GB GDDR5 or the Nvidia geforce gt 435m 2g . can anyone give me some advice ? thanks
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  1. isnt the gt 435m has more memory than the 5870? that is what im not sure about. so what kind of features that can determine which card is better?
  2. most games aren't going to use the extra memory ... unless you plan on trying to hook multiple monitors up through your laptop the 2 gigs will be wasted .. its there to sell cards to peopel who don't look up benchmarks before buying..

    side ntoe you might also use that 2 gigs if you play wow or somethign with a huge draw distance on a flying mount... but even then instances and regular play it won't make be utilised
  3. If you want to play games the 5870 is A LOT better. The 435m will make your battery last longer, and make less heat, but that's probably it's only advantange.
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