Do I need to apply new thermal compound?

After assembling my first build this evening, it wouldn't post. I tried breadboarding, with no luck. Finally, I took off the AMD heatsink, and the cpu was stuck to it with the thermal pad. Thinking I had just finished screwing it up royally, I reseated the cpu, attached the heat sink, and powered it up. It's now posting, so aparently I must not have fully seated the cpu. Should I uninstall the heat sink and cpu, clean off the thermal pad, and apply thermal grease? The top of the cpu is still covered with the thermal pad, but I'd like to know if removing the heat sink from the cpu did enough damage to the pad that I need to clean it off and reapply thermal grease. Right now I'm just elated to find the problem.
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  1. Run speedfan or another program that will monitor your cpu temp. Run a stress test with prime95 and post your results here. If at any point it should go above 80*C or close to that shutdown and put some thermal paste on there. I assume your using the stock heat sink? These usually arent very good at keeping the cpu cool so it might be worth it to invest in a $30 heat sink like the hyper212+ to help.
  2. bavman, it is the stock AMD heat sink. I'm going to put the board back in the case and monitor the temperature, unless someone tells me that's a bad idea. Thanks for the help.
  3. If the pad is still on the heat sink well it should be fine to run the computer for 15 or so minutes to make sure temps arent getting too high.
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