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I have a new HP TouchSmart loaded but it came with a Nvidia G230 that faults when I'm playing the cloud games on Facebook --it does other times too but that is the most annoying. One minute you are there and the next you are back to the desktop POOF! The systems sold at Best Buy use a different card but not if you buy directly from HP. I'm trying to work with them to get something else but so far no luck. Does anybody else have ideas for a better card. I have done 2 Factory Restores in the 2 months I have had the darn thing and I'm still having problems with it. The HP crash team has worked with me and wants to capture the system to see what the problem is. I don't want to get another one with the same card. They have the G210 which isn't as powerful and doesn't work with blueray but might not have the same glitch ---does anyone know anything about that?
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  1. To PC Nana - I have an HP Pavilion Elite with the Nvidia G230 card. Mine has crashed twice when I'm playing Aces High II, an on line flight-sim game. I've tried running a Hardware scan to determine the cause of the crashes but just after the scan starts the scan stops, a warning window in DOS appears with a warning that a critical error has appeared and Windows (Windows7) is going to reboot the system. My system is out of warranty and I wouldn't ask HP for help as their "help" on the phone is off shore and language is a problem. If the problem continues I will look for a new card, one that has a history of excellent operation, and remove the G230 and simply replace it. This may not help very much other that to let you know other people are having similar problems. You may want to check the online HP site to verify that you have the most current driver for the card.
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